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All works from 1966 onwards are based on commissions by orchestras, institutions, societies  and musicians.

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■ Orchestral works

Divertimento op. 3 (1941),  18′                      
String Orchestra (or 5 string instruments)
NMO – 18′
Norwegian Overture op. 7 (1951),  7′                   
2-2-2-2  4-2-0-0 timp str

Variations and Fugue op. 14 (1954 ),  15′                    
2(1)-2(1)-2-2  4-2-3-0 timp perc harp str
Recording: Hemera HCD 2929 “Orchestral works”

Symphony nr. 1 op. 18  (1959),  32′                
2(1)2 (1)-2-2  4-2-0-0 timp perc str

Symphonic Epos op. 21 (1962),  18′                            
2(1)-2(1)-2  4-3-2-1 timp perc cel str
Recording: Aurora ACD 4986

Skipper Worse Suite op. 28.B (1968),  17′                  
Music from the television play Skipper Worse
2(1)-2-2(1)-2 2-3-2-0 timp perc cel str
Sinfonia Concertante op. 29 (1968),  18′                   
3(1) -3(1)-2-2 4-3-3(1)-(1)-1timp perc pf str
Commissioned by Musikselskapet Harmonien Bergen
Recording: Hemera CD2929

Antagonia op. 38 (1973),  23′                              
Commissioned by Filharmonisk Selskap       
Recordings: Aurora NCD-B 4955 and NC 4955    
Triptychon op. 53 (1979),  13′                                     
3(1)-2-2-2  4-3-3-1 timp perc str
Recording: Hemera HCD 2929  “Orchestral Works”

Concerto for Chamber Orchestra op. 55 (1980),  15′      
1-1-1-1  1-1-1-0 str
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Visions Norvegiennes pour orchestre op. 67 (1985),  15′
(Norske Utsyn, lyrisk orkesterfantasi )

Sonata for Strings op. 79 (1994), 12′ 45”               
Commissioned by Norsk Kulturråd for its 30th Anniversary
Recording: Intim Musik IMCD 065 ( “A Norwegian Rendezvous” )

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■ Works for solo instrument with orchestra

Concerto for Flute and Strings op. 22 (1963), 14’30”
Flute solo, str
The work is written in close collaboration with the flutist Per Øien. The opening capriccio has a clearly defined rythmic statement, which plays an important role in the movements intense coda. The exposition of the main theme ends with an inverted variant. The next three movements are played without a pause. In the second of these there is an aria, where Kvandal gives free rein to his imagination in a movement comprising a long melody, culminating in a passionate climax. As in the first movement there comes a cadenza and at last a rondo, which closes with a brilliant coda. (Morten Gaathaug. Transl. by Sandra Hamilton).
Kvandals konsert er et fint verk, vel avbalansert og ypperlig skrevet for besetningen. En usedvanlig vakker langsom sats blir innfattet av to velskrevne yttersatser, og kadensen er fint formet.
Finn Mortensen, Dagbladet, 10.03.1966

Recordings: Aurora ACD4986 and Simax PSC1806

Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra op. 46 (1977), 20`
Oboe, strings

The concerto reveals a magnetizing musical fluency, and has a condensed middle movement with elements of folk music.
Carl Gunnar Åhlên, Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm 14.6.1977

There is no superabundance of oboe concertos. So when the Norwegian composer Johan Kvandal presented a concerto for oboe and string orchestra in 1977, it was welcomed by oboists with delight. Splendidly suited to the instrument, it is, with its form of modern tonality and rythmic vitality, a piece that will appeal to an audience who normally shrinks from distinctlymodern music.
Hans Voigt, Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, 24.7.1980

Recordings: Aurora NCD-B 4955 and NC4955

Concerto for Violin and and Orchestra op. 52 (1979), 30`

2(1)-2-2-2 4-3-3-1 timp, perc, cel, str.


Johan Kvandals Violin Concerto is such a monumental composition that I shouldn’t be surprised if were the best Norwegian work in this genre.The solo part is extremely well suited to the violin, with a real sense of flow through all three movements. The concerto opens with ‘Norwegian rythms’, contrasted by a lyrical second theme. The lovely, long second movement unfolds characteristically without bravura, and has an expressive cadenza. The finale is characterized by a lighter, elegant rythm.
Reimar Riefling, Verdens Gang 18.8. 1979

Recordings: Aurora NCD-B 4955 and NC 4955. Hemera HCD2929

Legend op. 61A for basson solo and string orchestra (or five solo strings), 7`


Concerto for Organ and String Orcestra op 62 (1984), 15`

Organ solo, string orchestra (or string quartet)

Poem (From a lost World ) op. 66B (1985), 6′ 20”

Violin and String Orchestra, (or violin and piano/organ)
Concerto for two Pianos and Orchestra op77 (1993), 23′ 2-2-2-2 4331, timp, perc, cel, str.
Commissioned by the Edvard Grieg Society, New York

Fantasia for Hardanger Fiddle and String Orchestra op 82 (1995), 15′
Commissioned by Ole Bull Academy

Recording: Intim musik IMCD065 (“A Norwegian rendevous”).

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra op.85 (1998), 29′ 30”
WarnerChappel/GehrmansMusikfôrlag, Stockholm.

Recording: Simax PSC 1234.


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■ Chamber music

Divertimento for 5 solo string instruments op.3 (1941), 18′     
(Also for string orchestra)

Fugue for String Quartet (1946), 5′

String Quartet nr. 1. op. 11 (1954), 26′

String Trio op. 12 (1950), 23′

Rondo for Violin and Piano op. 16 nr. 1 (1941), 6`

Capriccio for Violin and Piano op. 16 nr. 2 (1955), 5′

Romance for Violin and Piano op. 16 nr. 3 (1964), 3′

Romance for Flute and Piano op. 16 nr. 4 (1964), 3′
Flute, piano/ organ

Duo for Violin and Cello op. 19 (1959), 15′

Three Hymn Tunes for Wind Quintet op. 23B  (1963), 7′
Recording: Naxos 8.553050

Aria, Cadenza e Finale op. 24 for Violin and Piano (1964), 10′

String Quartet nr. 2, op. 27 (1966), 18′
Recording: CD: Aurora ACD 4986
Commisioned by Ny Musikk

Introduction and Allegro for Horn and Piano op. 30 (1969), 8′
Recordings: Varese International vs -81016, AimeeLainesse 001/2. Aurora ACD 4986

Da Lontano op. 32 (1970), 6′
Fantasy: Alto flute/ clarinet and piano
Recording :Varese Int. vs-850 19 and Aurora ACD 4986

Quintet for Winds op. 34 (1971), 18′
Recording: Naxos 8.553050
After a heavy, melancoly opening in which major and minor take turns leading the way, there is a bild up of tension with dramatic climaxes, which is not resolved until the finale with its bright major chords. The positive has triumphed, as the composer puts it.

V. Aamodt, Bergens Tidende 2.12. 1983

Duo Concertante op. 41 for two pianos (1974), 12′ 30”
Recording: Pro Musica PPC9027

Quartet for Flute,Violin, Viola and Cello op. 42 (1975-76), 25′
Commissioned by Bergens Chamber Music Society.
This is an important work of our time. It was given its first performance in Bergen in 1976. It is an extremely captivating work by a composer who has ties to traditional music at the same time as he is an innovator. He has taken the consequenses of the fact that there has to be coherence in culture. We do not begin anew with each generation. This conviction does not, however, prevent him from using his imagination, his knowledge and his abilities in a musical language that in many respects reflects our own time. His Flute Quartet is a convincing, magnetizing evidence of this.

Thoralf Nordheim, Aftenposten, 26.4.1979

Recording: Varese International vs-85019 and Aurora ACD4986

Miniatures, op. 43 (1965), 7′
A: For four violins or B: for string quartet

Two Norwegian Dances op. 44 (1976), 8′
String quartet, based on a Halling folk dance from Edvard Griegs music to Peer Gynt

Quintet for Hardanger Fiddle and String Quartet op. 50 (1978), 12′
Arrangement for flute, guitar and cello (by Roy H. Snyen)
Recording: Veps CD 32-95
Recording: EMI 830 1002

Octet op. 54 (1946, revised 1980), 15′
2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, doule bass ad lib.
Recording :Simax PSC 1037

Nocturne (The Dream) op. 56 (1980), 5′
Alto flute/ clarinet, piano

Night Music op. 57 (1981), 20′

Nonet for Eight Wind instruments and Double Bass

2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 2 horns, double bass
Recording: SimaxPSC 1037

Overture-fantasy op. 59 (1982), 10′
Eight brass instruments: 3 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, tuba.

String quartet nr. 3 op. 60 (1983), 19′
Recording: Naxos 8.554384
Recording: Simax PSC1077

Legende (Legend) op. 61B (1983), 7′
For bassoon and piano.
Recording: Simax (Classical Quality of Norway) PSC 1077

Poem (From a lost World ) op. 66A/B (1985), 6′ 20”
A: For violin and piano.
B: For violin and string orchestra.

Horn Quartet op.73 (1988), 13′
Recording: Aurora ACD4962

Stemning (Mood) op.74 (1991), 3′ 30”
For harmonica and piano.

Duo for Flute and Guitar op.78 (1994), 14′
Recording: VEPS CD 32-95

Sonata for Viola and Piano op. 81 (1995), 16′ 15”
(The Elk Sonata)
Commissioned by Risør Chamber Music Festival
Recording: Nordic Sound NOS CD 1967

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■ Works for solo instruments
Five small Piano Pieces op. 1(1940), 8′    

Sonatina for piano op. 2 (1941), 11′     

Rondo Grazioso for Piano op. 5 nr. 1 (1942), 5′
Recording: Vest-Norsk Plateselskap VNP 0086 -8    

Three Norwegian Folk Tunes op. 5. nr. 2 (1948)     
(Lokk fra Lom/Sjung amen!/ Då e` va liti )
(Shepherds call/ Sing amen/ When I was little)     
arr. for piano    

Toccata op. 5 Nr. 3 (1958), 4′

Lyric Pieces for Piano op. 5 nr. 4-7 (1942 & 1946)     
Intermezzo nr. 1/Intermezzo nr. 2/Capriccio/Scherzino    

Fantasy for Piano op. 8 (1947), 6′
Recording: Vest-Norsk Plateselskap VNP0086-8    

Choral Prelude on Ljoset yver landet dagna (The Light from above arrived on the land), (1956), 3′

Glockenspiel Minuet (1968), 3′     
From the television play Skipper Worse, arr. for piano or harp    

Fantasies on Three Country Dances op. 31 (1969), 9′ 30”
(Tre Slåttefantasier)    
Commissioned by Festspillene i Bergen     
Recording: Vest-Norsk Plateselskap VNP 0086     
Recording: RCAVictorCD/BMG Ariola 74321239912     

Partita on the Folk Tune Hvor er det godt å lande op. 36 (1971), 12′

Meditation and Choral Prelude for Organ (1961), 7′     
Sonata for Violin Solo op. 45 (For Ragin) (1976), 11′ 30”    
Kvandal’s new work is an imaginative composition of a good 10 minutes duration, rich in
motives, but with a taut concentrated form. The music is contemplative, but a tragic
undercurrent breaks through now and then with a troll-like passion.
Dag Winding Sørensen. Aftenposten 27.9.1976   
Recording Aurora ACD 4986    

Elegi and Capriccio op. 47 (1977), 7′     

Prelude (1977)
Printed in: Norsk Orgelbok.

Jew’s Harp Waltz (1980), 3′
Printed in Norwegian Pianorama
Recording Simax PSC 1042

Sonata for Solo Harp (The Heming Ballad) op. 63 (1984), 10′
Recording: Victoria VCD 19076

Sonata for Solo Guitar op. 65 (1984), 13′
Recording: Simax PSC1031
Recording: VEPS CD32-95
Recording: VEPS CD 012-89

Hymn Tune (Salmetone) op. 68 nr . 1 (1986), 3′ 15”
Horn solo

Norwegian Folktunes arranged for Piano op. 70, Nr. 1-8
Recording: Thema TH 195-2

Sonata for Solo Accordion op. 71 (1987), 9′ 20”
Recording :Bergen Digitalstudio BD7028

Stemning (Mood), 2′ 25”
(From an old Sketchbook)

Fantasy for Solo Clarinet op. 68 Nr. 2 (1992), 6`

Fantasia for Organ op. 83 (1996)
Norsk Orgelmusik
Recording: Vest-Norsk Plateselskap VNP CD 200567

Aarle i old
Bronze or straight wooden trumpet (bronzelur or neverlur)

Fra Fjerne Tider, 2′ 3”
Ram’s Horn (bukkehorn)

Improvisata from the Opera Mysteries op. 75 (1994), 3′ 30”
For violin solo

Valse from the Opera Mysteries op. 75 (1994), Act 2
For piano (or harp)


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■ Choral works
Våkn op du som sover (Thou Who Sleepest Awake) op. 13 (1950)     
Motet for mixed choir. Text: M.B. Landstad    
Recording: Bergen Digitalstudio BD 7011CD    

Drikkevise (Drinking Song) (1950)
Men’s choir. Text: H.Wergeland     
Soprano solo, mixed choir, piano/ organ  

Draumkvæde melodies op. 15 (1955)     
Soprano solo and mixed choir, piano/ organ     
Recording: Bergen Digitalstudio BD7011    

Draumkvæde melodies op. 15A (1997)     
Soprano and mixed choir 
Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, viola, cello, double bass.    

Tre Sanger (Three songs) op.20 (1960)
3-part women’s choir (SSA)     
1. Godmorgen (Good Morning ). Text: Henrik Wergeland     
2. Sindets Ro (Piece of Mind ). Text: Ludvig Holberg
3. Stille (Quiet). Text: Einar Skjæraasen     
Recording: Bergen Digitalstudio BD7011 CD     
No. 3 only: Heilo HCD 7095    

Pleiadene ved midnatt (The Pleiades at Midnight ) op. 25 (1965)
Men’s choir, speaking choir.    
Text: Carsten Hauch     
Tilegnet Den Norske Studentersangforening    
Gehrmans Fôrlag, Stockholm.  

For Trykkefriheten (For Freedom of the Press) (1966)     
Mixed choir a capella     
Recording: Bergen Digital Studio BD7011 CD     

Efter Tidens Leilighet (1966)     
Men’s choir a capella.

Text: Henrik Wergeland     
(Also available for mixed choir)    
Recording: Bergen Dig Studio BD7011 CD    

Tre Motetter (Three Motets), Op. 35     
Nr. 1: 1963

Nr. 2 & 3: 1971  
Mixed Choir a capella.     
1) Jeg er kommet som et lys til verden 2`10“    
Text: Joh.12: 12, 35-36, 46,     
2)Sannelig,sannelig sier jeg deg 3`02“    
Text: Joh 3: 19-21     
3) Og dette er dommen 3`40“  

Recording: Bergen Digital Studio7011CD   

O, Dyp av Rikdom hos Gud (Oh, the Depth of the Riches) op. 39 (1973)
Mixed Choir (SATB), organ.

Text: Romans: 11:33-36     
Commissioned by Norsk Kirkesangerforbund     
Recording: Bergen Digital Studio BD7011 CD   

To Sanger (Two Songs) op.48 (1978), 5`2“     
For mixed choir     
Based on Norwegian folk tunes.     
Nr. 1: Reiar unge. Text: G. T. Rysstad    
Nr. 2: Finaste jenta. Text from Telemark     
Recording: Bergen Digital Studio BD7011CD    

Ibsen-kantate (Ibsen Cantata), op.51 (1978), 37`     
Et menneskes Vei   
Vocal Soloists (S. Bar) mixed choir, orchestra     
2 (1)-2-2-2 4-3-3-1 timp perc harp cel str    

Underet (The Miracle), op. 69 (1986), 14`     
For mixed choir (SATB) a capella     
Norwegian text: Arnold Eidslott. English text: Leland B. Sateren.    
Recording: Bergen Digitalstudio BD 7011 CD    

Balladen om Freden (Pries pour paix) op.72 (1987), 3′    
For mixed choir a capella     
French text: Charles d`Orleans. Norwegian text: Kristen Gundelach    
Recording: Bergen Digital Studio BD 7011 CD    

Missa Brevis op.84 (1997)     
Mixed choir /organ     
(Kyrie eleison)     

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■ Vocal works

Syv Sanger (Seven Songs ) op. 4 (1940- 41)     
Voice, piano.     
Baritone, Mezzo, Soprano    

Tre Julesalmer (Three Christmas Hymns) (1946)
1: Til hyrder fromme
2: Den yndigste rose
3: De hyrder stirrer i natten ut
Voice, piano/organ

Barneviser (Nursery Rhymes) (1946-47)
Voice, piano

Sanger (Songs) op.9
Nos.1-10 (1939-83)
Published in 14 sanger for sang og piano
Voice and piano

To Frôdingsanger (Two Frôding Songs) op. 9
Nr. 11-12 (1948)

High voice and piano
Text: Gustav Frôding high voice.

Sang til Stella (Song for Stella) op. 6 (1951), 7`
Text: Henrik Wergeland
Soprano or tenor and string orchestra
Also arranged for voice and piano

Solo Cantata nr. 1 op. 10 (1953), 8`
Herre, min frelses Gud (God of my Salvation)
High voice and orchestra.
3(1)-2-2-2 4-2-0-0 timp perc str


Solo Cantata nr. 2, op. 26 (1966), 11`
Til Dig Herre (To thee, O Lord)

Text: I: Psalm 31, verse 2-4, II: Psalm 40, verse 2-4, III: Psalm 8, verse 2, 4-6 and 10

High voice, organ/ piano


Solo Cantata nr. 3, op. 33 (1970), 6`

Skapningen Lenges (The Expectation of the Creature)
Low voice and Organ
Text: Romans 8:19-22 ,10-11, 18


Syv religiøse folketoner (Seven Religious Folk Songs) op. 23A (1955)
Voice, piano

Benedicam Dominum op. 17 (1957), 5`
Church aria for soprano and organ
Text: Psalms 34: 2-3

Kristus, du er alt mitt håp (Christ, you are my only hope) (1965)
Voice and organ.
Text: Svein Ellingsen

Allmakts Gud (Almighty God) (1965)
Voice, organ
Text: Johannes Smemo

To Aasensalmer (Two Aasen Hymns) (1965), 3`55“
Text: Ivar Aasen

Two Religious Songs with Piano/ Organ
Morgensang/ Kveldssalme
Text: Ivar Aasen

O, Domine Deus, op. 26 nr. 2 (1966), 4`
Church Aria: Soprano/Organ
Text: Maria Stuart (1542-87)

Recording: Philips 854 000 AY

Jeg er kommet som et lys til verden (I Have Come as a Light into the World) (1963)

Motet for Soprano and Organ (also for mixed choir op. 35)
Text: John: 12: 46, 35, 36 .
Recording: Kirkelig Kulturverksted NKLP 15
Bergen Digital studio BD7011 CD

Natur (Nature) op. 37 (1972), 8`
Text: Olav Aukrust
Commissioned by Rikskonsertene

Norske Stevtoner (Norwegian Stev Tunes) op. 40, 23`30“ (1974)

Voice and piano
Recordings: AuroraARCD1915, Aurora ACD4986 and Vest-Norsk Plateselskap VNP 0086-8

Michelangelo Poem op. 49 (1978), 12`30“
Soprano and orchestra 1-2-0-2 2-0-0-0 str
(also available for soprano and piano)
Text in Italian: Michelangelo

To Kjærlighetssanger (Two Love Songs) op. 58 (1982), 8`
Voice and piano
Text: Arnulf Øverland

Fire Krokannsanger (Four Krokann songs) op. 76 (1993), 9`50`
Low voice and piano
1: Luren Læt
2: Det gode ord
3: Reinen
4: Blåsymra

Eternal Summer (Evig sommer) op. 80 (1995)
Three Shakespeare texts for Soprano and string orchestra
1: Eternal Summer, Sonet Nr. 18, 5 `
2: Ophelia’s Lament (from act 3 scene 1, Hamlet), 5`
3: The Fairy’s Song (from a Mid Summer’s Night’s Dream act 2, scene 1), 2`35“
Commissioned by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra for the Kirsten Flagstad Jubilee 1995.

Both voice/piano and voice/orchestra score and parts.


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■ Opera

Mysterier (Mysteries ) op.75 (1993), 170`
An opera in three acts, based on the novel by Knut Hamsun

9 soloists, chorus and full orchestra, including synthesizer
Libretto: Barthold Halle (Norwegian. German translation available)

Commissioned by The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet
Score available from The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet

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■ Vocal works with orchestra (See Vocal Works)

Sang til Stella (Song for Stella) op. 6 (1951)
Soprano or tenor/ String orchestra             

Solo Cantata nr. 1 op. 10 (1953)
High voice and orchestra

Michelangelo Poem op. 49 (1978)
High voice and orchestra

Ibsen Cantata op. 51 (1978)
Soprano, baritone, choir, orchestra (See choral works)

Three Shakespeare Songs for Soprano and String Orchestra op. 80
(See Vocal Works)



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■ Other works

Skjemtevise og gjeterlokk op. 64 (1984), 4′
For school orchestra (descant recorder, clarinet, violin 1 and 2, double bass, piano, celesta and percussion)    

Music to the television play Skipper Worse based on the novel
of the same name by Alexander Kielland     
See Skipper Worse suite op. 28B, Orchestral Works.     
Norsk Musikforlag    

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