BBC impressed by Norwegians

Robert Layton is a central figure in the BBC’s musical productions. Renowned on the international music scene for his overview and engagement. He is impressed by Johan Kvandal’s ‘Antagonia’ for orchestra.

For many years he has been concerned with Nordic music. He has written about Sibelius and the Danish Vagn Holmboe and Niels Viggo Bentzon, and regularly writes for the influential ‘The Gramophone’. In short: A man in a key position.

-What does he think about Norway and Norwegian music?

-I am impressed by the diversity, but not equally impressed by the lacking sense for international presentation. Per Dreier recently conducted a concert with Johan Halvorsen’s 3rd symphony in the BBC, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orhestra. Dreier is a good conductor, why do you not appreciate him accordingly?

-Contemporary music?

-I am impressed by Johan Kvandal’s ‘Antagonia’ for orchestra. Kvandal is a fine composer, says Layton.

From Kjell Bækkelund´s interview with Robert Layton, VG, 10 December 1987