Brillant Norwegian- Swedish interplay

Kvandal’s Antagonia is an exciting work with explosive rythms in intricate patterns, interchanging with soft sounds. Here and there are elements of soloist lines. The slow movement is a powerful contrast to the the soundscapes of the first and last movements. The mystical harmonics of the double basses sound soft and wonderful and are continued by the other rays’ chords, spreading out into the whole register of sounds. A fascinating middle movement, which after the evocative finishing chords slides into the pounding rythms of the finale. The three percussions gave sharpness to the rythm of the strings with rythmic accents.

Antagonia is a great work, both in Kvandal’s opus list and in recent Norwegian music history. Kvandal combines in his music the radical experiments of the postwar periode with a confident and solid feeling for tradition. In that perspective, ‘Antagonia’ does not stand isolated.
Among his works are solo concerts for oboe, flute, violin and organ. As well as chamber music for alternating instruments, including an enchanting divertimento from 1941, which may be performed with orhestral strings or as a quartet, and also songs. The meeting with ‘Antagonia’ may arise some curiosity in other works on Kvandal’s opus list. There is much to be gained there.

By Rolf Davidsen, Arvika Nyheter, 3rd May 1993