Hymn Tune opens Wind Classics concert at London festival

The horn piece Hymn Tune (Salmetone) op. 68 opened Wind Classics concert at London A Cappella Festival.

On Sunday 18th January 2014, hornist Richard Wainwright from the Haffner Wind Ensemble opened a concert dedicated to Wind Classics at the London A Cappella Festival. The concert takes place at King’s Place in London, with the opening piece Hymn Tune (Salmetone), op. 68. nr. 1, written by Johan Kvandal i 1986. Based on an old Gregorian (catholic) melody from remote Norwegian mountain valley of Østerdalen. Text by Danish 17th century bishop Thomas Kingo. Hornist Frøydis Ree Wekre included the piece on the recording CEROS from 2005 (EMI). Listen to the recording on Spotify, under the name Kvandal: Salmetone.