David and Julie Coucheron with ‘ultramodernist’ Kvandal

Monday 17 October David og Julie Coucheron held their Carnegie Hall debut concert.  Billed as “David and Julie” and just as fresh-faced as the young Eisenhower couple was in the early 1970’s, the Coucheron siblings offered a challenging program of Norwegian music from the familiar to the exotic to the controversial.

He is now concertmaster of the Atlanta Symphony and she, at 25, is a major international contest winner. None of which would amount to a hill of beans without the sense that they are both truly exceptional musicians.


In the second half, more obscure Norwegian music was trotted out, a good thing in and of itself. Christian Sinding’s A Minor Suite gave David some trouble in its rapid beginning, but then the duo settled in for an interesting traversal. History records that in his later years Sinding was both a Nazi and certifiably unhinged (not necessarily antithetical designations), so his music was banned for a long period in Norway. Much more satisfying was the ultramodernist Johan Kvandal, whose Aria, Cadenza e Finale was taught to this formidable pair of young performers by the composer himself. Minor seconds for the angst-ridden abounded, writes journalist Lawrence Kudlow of the The New York Sun.

Excerpt from review, The New York Sun